Sustainability and Responsibility

Ecological, ethical and social aspects are important to you? For us too!
Sustainability concerns us all, because it affects many areas of our everyday life.

With our sustainability concept, we make our contribution to ensuring that we leave a world worth living in for the next generations. Because we are convinced that we can make our contribution to sustainability on a small scale, too.

Commitment and Responsibility

We attach importance to regionality and thus take responsibility for a strong Middle Franconia.

Whenever possible, we buy locally. For example, our eggs come from happy hens from a farm in the region. Our baked goods come from the local baker and are still produced according to good baking tradition.

We place our orders with the local craftsmen and appreciate the long-standing, trusting cooperation.

The preservation of a historic building in medieval Rothenburg is many times more complex and expensive than a house outside the old town. We are aware of our responsibility towards our town and therefore do not shy away from this additional work.

For this reason we also support the Rothenburg campus and the Toppler Theater Rothenburg in a special way.

Environmental and climate protection

We attach importance to waste avoidance and waste separation, the economical use of resources such as water and much more.

Therefore we do not use portion packaging and we use fruit from our own cultivation and the surrounding area to produce homemade products.

We attach importance to seasonality! When purchasing our food and other products, it is important to us that as many products as possible meet regional, seasonal, organic and fair trade standards.

The adherence to the highest hygiene standards has always been our first priority and this is of course also in times of Corona. This means a considerable additional expenditure of time, which we are always happy to do for our guests. Here, too, we use environmentally friendly products wherever possible and pay attention to the correct dosage in order not to burden the environment unnecessarily.

Our large garden in the middle of the old town is not cultivated, but serves as a green oasis of peace. We have consciously decided to make it available exclusively to our guests so as not to disturb the peace and quiet by running a beer garden.

Of course, numerous charging stations for E-Bikes are at your disposal.


We attach great importance to fair working conditions and wages.

We also offer unskilled and re-entrants, as well as pupils and students (m/f/d) a chance. What is important to us is the joy of work and the enthusiasm for our guests.

Family-friendly working conditions are also particularly important to us. We appreciate very much that our employees (m/f/d) are with us for a long time. Through this we create quality and continuity, which benefits our guests and employees.

Measures due to Covid 19

We always ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained. In times of Corona we also comply with numerous regulations to ensure maximum protection of our guests and our employees (m/f/d).

A special service here is the possibility of a contactless check-in. Our Hotelomat in the entrance area of the hotel is available 24/7.

Peace and Nature

Our large garden in the middle of the old town is not cultivated, but serves as a green oasis of peace. We have deliberately decided to make it available exclusively to our guests, so as not to disturb the peace and quiet by running a beer garden.

In this way we can offer you peace and nature in the immediate vicinity. This is the ideal complement to the medieval walls of the town and offers a foretaste of the green surroundings around Rothenburg.

We are hosts by passion! We attach great importance to a good price-performance ratio, but sustainability and above-average working conditions cannot be made possible with dumping prices.



Wir nehmen Teil bei Fairtrade Rothenburg ob der Tauber und dem Landkreis Ansbach.