A rosy relaxation for all senses at the Boutiquehotel Goldene Rose. Enjoy the Massages from Andrea Schmidtell.

Here you can take off. Enjoy our wellness offers in a romantic atmosphere and forget about your daily routine.

Let your soul dangle ….. Breathe through in patience…… Forget about your daily routine and enjoy to relax. Our cozy atmosphere will be the right start to discover the relaxed site if Rothenburg.

You can recover in our romantic rose garden or our sun terrace with view into the Tauber valley. Or pamper yourself with one of our wellness treatments. We like to inform you and make the arrangement.

Harmony of the meridians of mind and chest

 With sensitive pressure along the meridians, blocked energy will set free again for circulating. The effect is a deeply relaxation and leaves your skin and eyes shining.

60 minutes: EUR 59,-

Silk glove massage

This full body massage is stimulating and firms the skin tissues. After the massage you will have a good blood circulation and new energy for your working life balance.

60 minutes: EUR 67,-

Hand massage

 Hands are certainly a wonderful miracle – devote more attention to them. You´ll astonished how you feel after this massage, rested and refreshed.

40 minutes: EUR 43,-
It´s also possible to combine the hand and foot massage
60 minutes: EUR 59,-

Feet carry us through our whole life!

The sensitive foot massage is stimulating your certain reflex points gently

50 minutes: EUR 49,-
It´s also possible to combine the hand and foot massage
60 minutes: EUR 59,-

Relaxing back massage

Having a regenerating effect, you will reach a deep relaxation.

50 minutes: EUR 49,-

Clear your mind

This gently ayurvedic massage from face, chest and neck is most relaxing for your body and soul

60 minutes: EUR 59,-