Bicycle tour

The town's network of cycle paths in the Tauber Valley grows every year. Because of its beautiful geographical situation and wonderful countryside, Rothenburg is an excellent place to start or finish a cycle tour or indeed as a staging post along the way on a longer cycle tour.Here are some suggestions:

Delightful Tauber Valley

Several bicycle routes run through the Tauber valley. In each case Rothenburg was selected as the departure point due to its geographic location. The 'Classic' runs along on a 100 km stretch from Rothenburg o. d. T. through the Tauber valley to Wertheim am Main. The 'Sportive' is the newest bicycle route in the 'Delightful Tauber Valley' and runs for 150 km along the Tauber valley hills. The 'Hohenloher Residence Trail' is a challenging circular route that takes in several attractions of German history on an approx. 215 km route.


The Radschmetterling

offers four bicycle routes, arranged like the wings of a butterfly, of about 70 km each through the Frankenhöhe nature reserve. All routes lead back to the departure point

Information: Radschmetterling

The Kneipp Bicycle Route

An approx. 75 km-long circular route from Rothenburg o. d. Tauber via Schillingsfürst, Lauterbach and Wildbad, back to Rothenburg o. d. Tauber.

More bicycle tours:

Main-Tauber-Fränkischer Rad-Achter
Aischtal Radweg
Der Radweg Alte Bahnlinie
Altmühl Radweg
Radweg Burgenstraße
Radweg Romantische Straße
Tauber Jagst Weg

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