»Pittoresk Picturesque«

Rothenburg Art Celebration Years 2022

Do you enjoy transporting yourself to other times and places – delving into the past or anticipating the future? If so, we are going to take you on a discovery trip into the Rothenburg of the 19th Century.

An intrinsic part of the beautiful Biedermeier past was and still is the meandering, narrow Tauber River Valley and Rothenburg. They beckon visitors then as now to discover the bucolic beauties of the enchanted Taubertal and its fortified city towering above the stream and its peaceful, sheltering glades, captured in eternal images by gifted painters from the United States, England and Scotland. Among them were landscape masters as Toby Rosenthal, Elias Bancroft, James Douglas and Arthur Wasse.

Their paintings and drawings portray “Rothenburg ob der Tauber“ as the ideal portrait of a picturesque, medieval, German city, images that have enchanted and attracted millions of visitors worldwide to Rothenburg over the past two centuries.

Special exhibitions in both of Rothenburg’s museums, the Reichsstadt Museum and the Medieval Crime and Justice Museum, are scheduled for 2021 together with supplementary musical and cultural programs. These presentations will play a major role in the Picturesque Rothenburg 2020 | 2021 Exhibition Years. Special tours in the surrounding Tauber Tal’s countryside, coupled with attractive package arrangements in conjunction with Rothenburg’s most enticing hotels and restaurants, promise to make your visit memorable.

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